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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post-meal Acrobatics = Post-meal Clean-up

Not too long ago... ok, fine, it may be a while ago, maybe 2 - 3 months back, I had a funny experience that brought back some memories. So why did I take so long to write about it, well, I always had some more important stuff to do or blog about and this story was always at the back of my mind, and now, I finally managed to pen it down. Well I'm not exactly penning it down but you get the idea :P.

I was at my friend's place practicing some songs for another friend's wedding, when we finished our practice and were just hanging around his house chatting, at one point the wife had to go out to fetch the daughter from the in-laws' place. While she was out, we're still hanging around and my friend's son didn't go out with mommy and was with us the whole time. We were chatting, and my friend was playing with his boy, throwing him up in the air, swinging him around, turning him upside down etc. The kid was obviously having a blast, but the dad was getting a little tired so we decided to take a sit and chill.

While we were chilling and talking, the kid was still sticking to his dad, hugging and going around his (rather big size) dad like an obstacle course, and suddenly, he became very quiet and looked really serious.

From my experience as a father, most of the time when a kid suddenly becomes very still and serious, it could only mean 2 things:-
1. He was shitting or already finished doing the deed.
2. He was about to throw up (vomit).

Well, it was the latter. The son threw up all over the dad, the couch and on the floor. We helped him a little bit and had to cut short our visit.

On the wedding day itself, I kinda brought it up and both the husband and the wife were there and we're having a good laugh, that was until I brought up the fact that the son vomitted because the dad was throwing him around after meal, than I heard the "shh! shh!" coming from my friend. Apparently while the wife was aware that the son threw up, she was not informed of the cause LOL!!

This kinda brought back some memories about my eldest son, who's going to be 6 years old in about a week's time. When he was younger, he really threw up a lot. When he was a few months old, after every feed, if he was to raised his legs and kicked the air, or when we raised his legs to change his diaper, most of the time, it would result in him vomitting, and the amount is really scary. He could vomit like 80% of the milk that he just drank. We were VERY worried at first, but since he was growing well despite of all the wasted milk, we slowly gotten used to it. And it wasn't until just recently his vomitting tendencies have reduced significantly.

So the moral of the story is :-
1. If you want to a have post-meal acrobatic fun with your kid(s), be prepared to do some post-meal cleaning up.
2. Don't hide important details from your wife. She will know about it anyway, so it's much better that you confess your sins with your own mouth rather than her finding it out from an outside source LOL!



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