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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Anon?

I will not be using real names on this website for I may sometimes share other people’s experience if I feel that it’s really useful or inspiring.

Since things regarding pregnancy and parenting can sometimes be rather sensitive and personal, I feel that it’s only right to leave out any real identity. I will of course not use my own name too, because those who know me, may be able to link some of these experiences to the real people behind it. So, unless stated otherwise, no real names here. :)

But if you are leaving a comment, you can leave your real name if you're comfortable with it.

P/S: For those who manage to figure out who I am, please keep it to yourself. Don't ask me and I will tell you no lies hahaha!!! Nah, I won't lie, just won't say anything. :P



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