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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About Myself

Disclaimer: Every thing I wrote on this site is merely my experiences/opinions/findings hoping that you, the reader, will be able to find something useful or informative just like how some sites have been helpful to me. Any action that you take as a result of information, findings, or commentary on this site is your responsibility. Please do not take it as a substitute for sound medical diagnosis and advice (I know you won’t, but just have to say it anyway) and always consult your own doctor.

Note: Since parenting is different depending on culture, religious beliefs, education background, etc. etc., the main purpose of this “About Myself” section is to give a little info about, er, myself, and my family background, hopefully to shed some light on why we (me and my family) do what we do as parents. There is also another section after this explaining why I want to remain anonymous.

I was born in 1977, which makes me 31yo this year. I’m from Malaysia and a father of 2 boys, the elder one is 6yo and the younger boy is 2yo, and the 3rd baby on the way. I have a wonderful and supportive wife who has sacrificed a lot by deciding to stay home with the kids. Both my kids were breastfed till around 2 years old.

I graduated as an Engineer from a University in Australia, and my wife also graduated from the same place. I’m now doing something totally unrelated to engineering and am now in sales/investment.

I’m an only child and we live with my parents. At this point, most of my friends, mostly girls, gave the response “Oh no! I don’t think I can stay with <my bf’s or my hubby’s> parents!”. This in itself is enough for me to have the utmost respect and love for my wife for the sacrifices she made. As much as I love my parents, living together is just very difficult especially when our beliefs, principles and ideas of parenting are just so different from theirs’. Of course there are other good points like an occasional pair (or 2) of helping hands, free accommodation, etc. But one thing is almost unavoidable - spoilt brats LOL! It’s hard enough trying not to spoil your beautiful, adorable little darlings, but with grandparents around, they will MOST CERTAINLY be spoilt, unless of course your parents are those who don’t believe in giving in to every whim of little kids.

A side note for those who’s wondering whether to move out or not, the obvious answer is to move out so you can have more freedom and control in building your own family. Some of you however will have your own reasons to stay together with parents. At the end of the day, carefully consider the pros and cons and decide wisely.

Pretty much all my family members (except those too young to make that decision) are Christians. We do not smoke, drink (and no, Christians are NOT against drinking, just don’t get drunk and do stupid things LOL!), and we’re relatively health conscious, except for me. I have 2 major weaknesses - food and sleeping late. Gosh!! Gotta kick those bad habits someday…. hope that day comes sooner than later... hope.

Well, that’s about all I can think off to say about myself, anyways, hope you find this site useful and feel free to leave any comments.





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