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Friday, December 26, 2008

Impossible Morning Sickness??!!

I've heard of stories where the pregnant wife asked the husband to go out hunting for THE food of their desire (cravings) very late at night, or very early in the morning depending on how you look at it (I'll share a funny story in my next post); I've also heard of stories where the morning sickness is so bad that the wife just didn't feel like eating anything. How about a wife who's experiencing morning sickness and feels sensitive to most of the food, and still feel very hungry most of the time??


Just the smell, and sometimes, just by thinking about some food, is enough to make her nauseous, and she also gets hungry pretty frequently. When I asked her if she's craving for any food or what does she feel like eating, she usually can't think of anything. Occasionally she may thought of something, but most of the time, nothing. And if I don't fill her stomach quick enough, she'll get nauseous again because being too hungry makes her want to vomit. Argh!!! Thank God she is someone who will try her best to make do with what's available to her, such as a cup of Milo with a few pieces of cream crackers or cereal, but it makes me feel helpless not being able to do anything for her.

Cream Crackers - believed to be good for combating morning sickness. Munch 1 or 2 pieces when you feel nauseous, it may help you to feel better.

Please Share: Feel free to share or leave a comment if you have any suggestions or advice for ME!! LOL! Or just share about your experiences. I'll be more than happy to hear them :)

For those who have not experience morning sickness, don't get me wrong, it's NOT a bad thing. Granted it's not a good feeling, and despite it's name (which is rather misleading), unfortunately morning sickness does not occur only in the morning but can affect you at any time of the day, and to some people is an all-day affair. Different people will have a different experience. Some mothers did not feel anything througout the whole duration of pregnancy (the lucky ones), some have mild discomfort and some are affected very badly. It also does not necessary last through out the whole pregnancy. Like for my wife, usually after the 1st trimester she will start feeling better. There are of course some unlucky ones who suffered from severe morning sickness throughout pretty much the whole 9 months.

Scary as it may sound, some people believes that having morning sickness usually means that your baby is healthy and growing well. According to Wikipedia, studies have shown that women who suffers from morning sickness are less likely to have miscarriages or to give birth to a baby with birth defects. There are of course doctors who disagree with it. Go and read more about it here. HOWEVER, not having any morning sickness does NOT mean that there's anything wrong with your pregnancy. I've met people who did not suffer from morning sickness but still gave birth to beautiful babies.

Moral of the story: Do your routine check up and listen to your gynecologist. Don't worry about having or not having any morning sickness. As long as you do your check ups, or if you are in doubt, just go to your doc, I'm sure he/she will tell you if there's anything wrong, and if the sickness is really bad, I'm sure your doc will be able to help you out by giving some anti-nausea medication.

To read more about morning sickness, you can look up Wikipedia. Another site that offers good and simple to understand information is Granted they are also trying to sell their products, but no harm in checking out good info.



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