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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jason Mraz is Maximum Awsomeness - [Random Ramblings]

Just came back from Jason Mraz - Live In Malaysia 2009! And my oh my, what a night!!

It was simply one of the best concert I've ever attended. Mr. A-Z is definitely one of the most talented, versatile, flexible, entertaining singer, and boy can he really sing, and dance too. This Mr. Feel Good is definitely the Real Deal! This is the type of concert which I personally really enjoy, as oppose to concerts that rely more on props and countless costumes. I feel that I could really connect and enjoy the raw talent of the artiste rather than getting distracted by dry ice and sequins.

The concert started pretty much on time, which is great, though I can't exactly remember what time it was. It was sometime between 8pm to 8:30pm. Like most concert, the sellout crowd was cheering at every Tom, Dick and Harry that walked onto the stage LOL!

When Jason Mraz finally appeared, he opened, predictably, with "Wake up everyone, how can you sleep at a time like this...". Yes, the first song was "Make it mine".

While I remember all the songs he sang, I can't really recall the order so I apologise before hand if my info is a little inconsistent with the actual event :P

After the opening song, he followed-up with "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" and somewhere nearing the end of the song, he mixed it up with Oasis's "Wonderwall". For those who are familiar with Jason Mraz's live performances, this will come as no surprise, but it was still really good to experience it firsthand.

Some of Mraz's greatest assets are his spontaneity and cheekiness and we definitely got a lot of that tonight. At one point he was asking the crowd:
"Who's here with your best friend tonight?" - to which the crowd cheered
He then asked: "Who's here with your best friend tonight because you're madly in love with that person?" LOL!
Of course the song that came after that was "If It Kills Me".

Being a seasoned entertainer, Jason Mraz has topnotch showmanship and can really engage the crowd, asking us to do some fun, silly stuff with him from time to time such as making funny sound and funny dance moves, he even slipped in an inspiring line or two. For example, he was teaching the crowd to do the silly cool moves of high five, low five, back five and high ten in preparation for his next song "The Dynamo Of Volition", before the song he said "If there's anyone of you out there who's too cool to do this dance moves, or maybe this is not your style, or you have an IMAGE to upkeep, well, DON'T LET YOUR MIND STOP YOU FROM HAVING A GOOD TIME." Simply priceless :)

All in all, the concert was simply awesome. The theme of the night is all about love and feeling good. We have a guest artiste Penny Tai (戴佩妮) (I'm pretty sure it's her) who did a duet for the song "Lucky" with Jason Mraz. If I have any complaints is that the sound system was a little on the soft side. It could definitely be better. And of course, I wished it was longer. The concert ended at 9:55pm, a total duration of roughly 1 1/2 hours, and he didn't sing 2 of my favourite songs: "Curbside Prophet" and "Wordplay". Time flies when you're watching Jason Mraz.

For 1 1/2 hours, on the night of 4th March 2009, Jason Mraz sang, dance and stole our hearts (I know, it sounds gay), and he left us with the best quote of the night:

"This is my first time in Malaysia, but DEFINITELY NOT MY LAST!" So I'm expecting more of live Mr A-Z awesomeness hopefully not too far into the future.

Here's the list of songs he sang in no particular order:-

1. Make It Mine
2. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
3. Life Is Wonderful
4. You And I Both
5. If It Kills Me
6. Geek In The Pink
7. A Beautiful Mess
8. Live High
9. The Dynamo Of Volition
10. I'm Yours
11. Lucky
12. No Stopping Us
13. Butterfly

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Anonymous said...

HEY! I was there too! I've been reading blogs about his show and hands down you have the best entry :D

I liked the part where he said "If there's anyone of you out there who's too cool to do this dance moves, or maybe this is not your style, or you have an IMAGE to upkeep" blablablah too! So inspiring hahahhaa.

Glad you had fun! And I sure hope he'll come back. :D

Daddy-O said...

Thx joyce51 for the words of encouragement hehe.

I had been a big fan of his since "Waiting For My Rocket To Come" and when my friend told me that Jason Mraz is coming to town, I knew I had to be there. Too bad I can't get a better ticket due to budget constraint haha.

Let's hope the next time he comes I can afford a better ticket LOL!. I'm pretty sure we'll both try our best to make it when that time comes. Cheers :)

mr dx said...

hey Daddy-O! (haha suddenly i find that hilarious :P)

thanks for dropping by my page and commenting. I like the fact that you actly remember what he said just before he sang "If It Kills Me".

By George if he comes back'll be sure to see me there!

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