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Monday, February 9, 2009

Mr. A-Z, Here I Come!! - [Random Ramblings]

Finally got my Jason Mraz Live in Kuala Lumpur from my friend! Can't wait for the 4th of March hehe. Here's a proof of me going to the concert LOL! (Really got nothing better to do huh?!)



If you looked closely at the ticket, you'll see that the ticket I have is an early bird ticket. All thanks to my good and sacrificial friend who sacrificed his saturday morning to get the tickets for 7 of us.

I was however a little unhappy because apparently each person are only entitled to 4 early bird tickets (and he has to buy 7) and that was not mentioned on the website, so I decided to email them a letter of complaint LOL! A couple of days later, they replied apologizing and saying that they were only informed by the organiser about that "terms and condition" on that ticket launched day itself.

While I acknowledged that it's not really their fault, I do hope that they will pester organisers to give them the terms and conditions BEFORE the launched date in the future LOL! Oh well, some things are out of our control I guess. Click the pictures below to see the email conversation. (I've blocked out some stuff that is erm, unnecessary)

From me

From Axcess



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