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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy (& quiet) 2009 Everyone!!!

Or maybe I just didn't know where to look.

I'm not really the party type so people are probably gathering somewhere I don't usually hang out. It was out about 11.45pm on the 31st Dec 2008 and when I was out and about and it seemed really quiet. Even places like William's and Murni were at best having their weekend crowd. The main roads were also pretty clear. Oh well, not that it matters.

Hopeful Insecurity by Daddy-O
A year flew by in just a blink of an eye,
Some tears of joy and regret still yet to dry.
Success and disappointments edged deeply in my mind,
Wounds that I hope will heal in 2009.
Living in the past will not make me grow,
Bravely stepping forward is the only way I should go.
The Lord's grace is sufficient for me,
And the weak is made strong in the Lord Almighty.
With hope I stepped out, and I pray you will too,
Let us together welcome the year's first morning dew.

Well, break a leg :)



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